Fort Wayne's finest soy wax candles

Fort Wayne is a city that prides itself on the success and achievements of small businesses. We felt there was no better place to start this venture. In an apartment not quite big enough for a couple, with a kitchen that doesn't even have a full-sized stove. This is where it all began and we wouldn't change a thing about it.

More than just a road.

Wayne Street is deeply rooted in Fort Wayne's history, being the foundation of many successful business and beautiful homes since the start of the city. In the heart of the West Central neighborhood, you will find a blue-gray house with a wrap-around porch and a swing hanging in the front. This is where Wayne Street Wax was born.

Burning strong since May 2020

Making candles simply started as a hobby for Wayne Street Wax founder and owner, Bre Levy. Once the COVID lockdown of 2020 started, she found herself making candles for hours a day. She couldn't burn the candles as fast as she was making them, so the decision to start locally selling candles came easy. We love making candles. We love burning candles. We love sharing this passion with all of you. We can't thank you enough for the love and support that has already been poured out for Wayne Street Wax.